105 – Rest: When Rest Doesn’t Feel Restful!

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When we try to rest, it is so easy to be overwhelmed with the things in our life that feel undone! We begin to judge ourselves and feel guilty for even trying to rest, and are tempted to get busy to make ourselves feel better. Join Bill and Kristi in a honest conversation on the challenges we all face when learning to enter into real rest.

We want to help you give the gift of extended Sabbath rest to a pastor or ministry leader — which may be yourself! Portions of this episode were taken from our Sabbatical Guide, a resource designed to help men and women in ministry navigate an extended time of rest and renewal. You can find Soul Shepherding’s Sabbatical Guide in our online store.

Soul Shepherding, Inc. is a nonprofit ministry.  Your donations subsidize this “Soul Talks” podcast, along with the counseling and mentoring we provide for pastors, missionaries, and other men & women in ministry. Thank you!

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