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We all deal with conflict in our close relationships. Surprisingly, Jesus says, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they’ll be called children of God.” Most people misunderstand this beatitude and look for the blessing in making peace rather than in being a loved child of God. Bill and Kristi share their stress and pain from a conflict and show how the Prince of Peace helped them repair it.

This conversation draws on the booklet Jesus’ Greatest Teaching: Living the Sermon on the Mount by Bill Gaultiere. The inspiring insights and applications in this 42-page booklet are great for personal devotions and small groups. You’ll find these and other books and seminars on our website in the store.

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One response to “Finding a Blessing in Conflict

  • Bill & Kristi, What a blessing to listen to your podcast as I so often do on my morning walks. This particular podcast has been among my favorites. Finding a blessing in conflict is vitally important awareness in all of life but in particular as we approach the holiday season where our vision and hope for loving connection with family can be easily shattered. Thank you for reminding us of the counterintuitive goodness of Jesus’ teaching in the beatitudes. The Kingdom of the Heavens is available to us, even in conflict! Thank you also for your willingness to share from your own life experience and marriage. It was particularly helpful to have Kristi articulate the various unhealthy responses to conflict that we can all identify with: defensiveness, judgement of others, shame, shutting down, and her encouragement to instead ask God to give us an awareness of the triggers underneath our stress reactions. I also appreciated Bill’s reference to “repositioning himself in the secret place”, where we are loved, even as sinners. Choosing to live in our identity in Christ and to believe that God’s love and grace are available to us, even in conflict is a precious gift for this Christmas season. God bless you both!

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