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Often we try to fix our feelings with good advice or cheery reassurance. (This is the same thing we do to other people.) It’s one of the “Biblical Blunders That Bruise and Confuse.” Real life is a lot more messy than the old dictum to get on the “Fact-Faith-Feeling Train.” The truth and grace of the Bible brings comfort and help to troubled emotions.

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4 responses to “Faith and Feelings

  • Hi there! I’m South African and I really love listening to your podcasts and reading your articles. Thank you for blessing us with your experiences! I was wondering about your comment:

    “Often we try to fix our feelings with good advice or cheery reassurance. (This is the same thing we do to other people.)”

    Would you say the same applies when we use scripture to try and cheer ourselves or others up?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Great to hear from you Samantha. Yes, if someone is hurting and the listener is quick to use Scripture to give advice or bring cheer it invalidates the emotion and is experienced as rejecting. Stay tuned to “Soul Talks” to hear more of our perspective on this and what the Bible teaches on caring for hurting emotions.

  • Thank you or the experiences you both shared. As I listened to you and as you came toward the closing prayer I ‘heard’ the following words coming to me. ‘When the wind arrives and grows in strength, we mostly need to accept and bend a little or a lot, like does a branch. Strong resistance may be the instinctive need to overcome the wind. But we may BREAK by stiffening our resolve to not bend or listen to the wind express itself. The wind will exhaust but we, with Grace will return upright or with a slight bend that will remind us of the challenge we overcame well. By not stiffening, we gather our thoughts, listen, can talk with God and understand our feelings and the way to move forward well. Again thanks for this podcast that I will remember when I sense the next winds begin to come past me.

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