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A hidden contributor to burnout is internalizing stress. As leaders, we offer God’s grace through our presence in others’ lives as we listen and offer empathy from a non-anxious place. We increase our capacity to do that when we first experience it from someone else. In this episode, Bill and Kristi share from the depth of their own stories about how internalizing stress has taken a toll on their bodies, emotions, and spirits. You’ll hear how they experienced transformation in themselves so that they can be present to the suffering of others while remaining in Jesus’ easy yoke. 


2 responses to “208 – Re-Soul: How to Be a Non-Anxious Presence for Others

  • Even though I know that this is mainly aimed at leaders, I see how practical this can be for mothers/grandmothers. Through the years, I always want to be there for my children and I don’t want to add to their worries or burdens by pouring my feelings out on them. In fact, when my daughter went through serious anxiety, I tried to stay really calm even though I was very worried and ended up shutting down my feelings, which are still somewhat shut down. So this is good for everyone I would guess.

    • Hi Margaret, You are so right! This message is for all of us. We are sorry to hear your daughter has battled with anxiety and are thankful she has you to support her. We hope you both feel the warmth of God’s presence and are able to continue to connect to the emotions you have and express them in healthy ways. Blessings!

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