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Anxiety is the basic emotional posture of the head types.  Some of us may rely on getting more information, or finding the right people, or simply get distracted with pleasures in order to avoid the feeling of anxiety.  Join Bill and Kristi as they identify the unique challenges of each type and share how they can take their anxiety to Jesus.  

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3 responses to “155 – Enneagram: Quieting Your Mind (Head Types)

  • Dear friends Kristi and Bill, I appreciate the shout out and strong words of affirmation and encouragement, I definitely struggle with anxiety or fear, which surfaces in my dreams often.. I felt teary during your prayer Kristi connecting to Jesus with you. I am learning to practice staying, “present to the presence” (of Jesus)

  • Thanks very much for this series of talks on the Enneagram. Helen and I have both found it really beneficial. Greetings from a 6!

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