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Women bring a spiritual depth, relational skill, integrative thinking, and tender-courage that often are lacking in all male leadership groups. Sadly, many women have been disrespected and excluded by Christian men in authority in the Church. Join this crucial conversation as Bill and Kristi unpack what the Bible teaches and how they have experienced the powerful model of shared male and female leadership.

Read Bill’s article on “Women as Pastors, Elders, and Leaders in Bible-based Churches.” 

2 responses to “141 – PA: Women in Ministry

  • Hurray for women serving in church life including in preaching/teaching and leading (and I don’t just write that since my wife is one who does).
    Saddened by and bewildered by congregations where women are not free to do so. I won’t write about the arguments for and against, you have touched on this well in your podcast. Thanks as ever for what you highlight.

  • As I am Messianic Jewish, I feel that women should be the leader of women’s Bible Study, the church teacher in either Christian schools or Messianic Jewish schools, the missionary being sent to foreign countries, and member in Board of Elders as they should be respected in a fact. I have seen that a few of woman prophets in Old Testment in Holy Bible while reading it in honestly in reality in a fact.

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