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Sometimes as pastors and leaders, we can carry hidden shame that only very few people know about.  In this episode, Bill shares a story of a pastor who was struggling with doubts about his own personal relationship with Jesus.  Join in on the conversation as Bill & Kristi further unpack this pastor’s journey from feeling shame to discovering peace in Christ.  

One response to “135 – Emotions: Befriending Our Shame Pt. 2

  • I can relate so much to this story. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing Georges story, it is encouraging to know that im not alone and there are others that experience that type of shame. Spiritual abuse has affected my relationship with God as well as my emotional health so much. Internalized shame and years of repressed/stuck emotions from abuse /trauma led to ptsd in adulthood, Its very real and debilitating but God has been very tender and kind in revealing Himself to me through all this. Thank you all and God Bless!

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