O Lord Jesus Reign Over Me

The most important thing that you can do is to submit to Jesus Christ as your Lord and King. And, learn to do this everyday!

But there is something in me and in you that rises up and says: “I want to be in control!” And right there is the main source of our anxiety, anger, compulsions, depression, and a host of problems.

Learning to ask Jesus to govern you as you do what you are doing is the only way into God’s abundant life. This means giving up on trying to make your life turn out the way you want. It means abandoning to the Sovereign Lord the outcomes of your conversations, meetings, projects, and expectations.

As we go about our activities, we need to find ways to slow down and entrust ourselves to Christ the King. With practice we can remember, more and more, to pause and pray: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.”

“O Lord Jesus Reign Over Me” is my prayer of submission inspired by meditating on Psalm 93. It’s a prayer of relinquishment to the rein of the King. It will help you to place yourself in God’s kingdom, to listen to His voice and obey Him in all things.

O Lord Jesus Reign Over Me (Psalm 93 Prayer)

O Lord Jesus, come reign over me
So I see you robed in majesty
And rely on your strong arm

Stand firm over me for endless days

O throne of God
O beautiful heavens
O King of Glory

O Lord Jesus, establish your kingdom in me
So I hear your thunderous waves
And obey your holy statutes

Be lifted up in me with highest praise

O voice of the seas
O hand of grace
O Word of God

Waves of Prayer” is a sweet, little prayer that is also based on Psalm 93.

Read about how Jesus modeled for us a life of submission to the Father.


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