Is Jesus Enough for You?

Is Jesus enough for you?  Really? Is being close to Jesus what is most important to you?

I ask myself this question all the time.

One  important way to connect with Jesus is by being child-like with him. Even responsible adults have an “inner child” that longs to know the “Abba” (Hebrew for “Papa”) that Jesus showed us. Cultivating child-like trust in God is really important! Jesus said, “Unless you become as a child you will never enter the kingdom of God” (Matthew 18:3).

A Healing Prayer

Ask Jesus to minister his healing to you, to the inner you. Imagine yourself as a child in Jesus’ arms…

What do you feel if you think of yourself as a child in Jesus’ arms? Set aside all the important adult things that you are responsible for… Forget about your projects and your ministry… Come to Jesus as a boy or a girl who just wants to be with Jesus, to love him and be loved by him…

Maybe you feel restless because you’re not being productive…

Or uncomfortable being affectionate…

Or unsafe being vulnerable…

Maybe you didn’t feel cared for by your father or mother when you were little…

Share your heart with Jesus…

Ask him to show you his love…

Believe that in Jesus’ arms you are loved! He likes you! He enjoys caring for you! Let his love heal your hurts. Look up at his smile and be at peace…

Yes, It’s Safe in Jesus’ Arms!

Children who are with a parent that they know loves them are likely to be content and confident. Being close to their parent is enough for them. If you have been wounded or disappointed in this way you can find healing in the arms of Jesus. It may help you to connect with Jesus to share how you’re feeling with a safe, godly friend or counselor and ask him or her to pray for you.

Praying the Psalms, especially Psalm 131, has really helped me to bring my inner child to Jesus. I illustrate this in my Psalm 131 prayer, “Jesus is Enough.” This Simplifying Prayer will help you to cultivate more child-like trust, delight, and affection in being close to Jesus.

Then you can discover that, as Dallas Willard likes to say, “This world is a perfectly safe place to be… If you’re in the Kingdom of God.” This visible world is not a safe place, but the invisible, spiritual realm of the Kingdom of the Heavens is most safe because King Jesus is there and he loves you!


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