If Jesus is Your Portion

We say, “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want” (Psalm 23:1). But do we really mean it? Are we really prepared to say, “If all I have is Jesus, then I have all I need to be happy”?

Praying Psalm 23 from my heart helps me to become the kind of person who lives with the satisfaction that Jesus is enough for me. I’d like to help you do that with me. I want to share with you some inspiring Psalm 23 pictures and prayers that will help you trust Jesus as your Good Shepherd in any situation.

I’m asking us the most important question of all! Is the Lord Jesus Christ our portion? Is he enough for us or do we have other ambitions or hopes that compete with devotion to the Lord? Does having Jesus as the Shepherd of your soul make you happy even if other things in your life aren’t going well for you at the time?

Let’s Be Honest and Practical

If Jesus is truly my portion then…

  • When I’m tired at the end of a long day, connecting with Jesus in some way is more appealing than “vegging out” in front of the television or computer or overeating.
  • When I’m standing in line or waiting for someone, I don’t worry about it but take the opportunity to pray or meditate on Scripture.
  • When I read my Bible, pray, or gather with other Christ-followers, I do so not because I should, but because Jesus is good and I love him.
  • When someone judges me unfairly, I don’t react with defensiveness or anger but by offering a blessing (perhaps a prayer, empathy, or a word of kindness) because I have been relying on Christ with me and appreciating his love.
  • When I have a job to do, I don’t strain in my own strength to accomplish it, but instead I work at it with Jesus’ help.

We Need Help!

Probably, like me, sometimes you slip out of living in the reality kingdom of the heavens where Jesus is your portion. We get distracted. We can be selfish and immature.

Don’t feel bad about that — feel sad. (Guilt won’t help, but a sense of loss that you’re missing out will.) Realize that there is more of Jesus Christ for you to know and trust and see that in mercy he is offering himself to you right now! Go ahead and run into his arms of love!

And pray Psalm 23 from your heart over and over as a way of learning how to become the kind of person that in any situation of life — no matter how unfair or painful — can genuinely say: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

My meditation of “Psalm 23 Pictures and Prayers” will help you to make Jesus your portion and your delight.


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