How Could it Be?


A Soul Shepherding Moment

By Bill Gaultiere © 2011

Sometimes I’m just overwhelmed with appreciation for God’s grace — aren’t you? Praying a Psalm often warms my heart with a fresh realization that because of God’s love I have every reason to be happy right now, no matter what difficulties I’m facing that day.

My little Psalms prayer, “How Could it Be?” will bring a smile to your soul:

How Could it Be?

Who is like You?

Lord Jesus Christ…

You sit enthroned on high!


How could it be?

Lord Jesus Christ…

You stoop down to make me great!

(Inspired by Psalm 113:5-6; 18:35).

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Bill Gaultiere, PhD & Kristi Gaultiere, PsyD ~ Soul Shepherding ~ Irvine, CA