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When Life Hurts Jesus is Enough

Our temptation today is to continually want more. Hurry, ambition, and people-pleasing cause us anxiety. But in Psalm 131 the Lord gives us a word of grace: “Enough.”

This message begins with pastor Steve Phillips’ short interview of Bill Gaultiere on the value of praying the Psalms. Then Bill talks about how to deal with distress and work it through. He shares his story of curtailing anxious workaholism to be more engaged with his small children. Then he helps us to say with a smile, “Jesus is enough for me!” His sermon concludes with a Scripture meditation on Jesus’ transfiguration and a related Breath Prayer of “Jesus… Be the center.”

One response to “When Life Hurts… Jesus is Enough!

  • Seems that it’s about shifting all the energy or focus, attention, concern, desire to Jesus, to intimacy with Him and the Father & Holy Spirit. It’s to ask Him to change pleasing ourselves (and ‘people pleasing’ is really so they’ll approve of us so it’s about seeking our own desire) to pleasing Him and His kingdom purposes. When we do, we’ll be joining Him in truly blessing and serving others and living our lives in the most meaningful and fulfilling way. Thanks for posting this video. It has helped me get centered on Him again on a rough day.

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