We help pastors and leaders thrive with Jesus in life and leadership.

Here’s what pastors and leaders are saying about the ministry of Soul Shepherding…

“It’s Time to Start Opening Up and Become More Vulnerable”

Robert V. (“Bobby”) Schuller, Pastor of Shepherd’s Grove Church & The Hour of Power, shares that by being wounded in his youth he learned it was much safer to put up an armor and not let anyone in. But, through his time meeting with Bill Gaultiere he began to learn to be open and honest with him. Bill taught Bobby how to do that with his wife Hannah and his friends. He went from a place of being emotionally numb to being able to give and receive empathy.

“Our Pastors Got Help Digging New Wells”

Larry Walkemyer, lead pastor of Light and Life Church in Long Beach, shares his appreciation for the ministry of Soul Shepherding to him and his staff. Pastors go through dry seasons and need fresh water to nourish their souls and minister to others.

“God Wanted to Change Me!”

Michael Lee, former lead pastor of Young Nak Celebration Church in Los Angeles, says he was frustrated and tired and felt disconnected from his wife and children. He wanted God to change his circumstances. Then during his Sabbatical he and his wife met with Bill and Kristi Gaultiere. He received help with his emotions, communicating and connecting with his wife, and experiencing God’s love. It made a hugely positive difference for his marriage, family, and pastorate.

“I Awakened to God in Fresh Ways”

Pastor and Spiritual Director Dave Rimoldi shares, “I felt dry and disconnected from God.” He was caught in the middle of a church conflict and felt adrift at sea, barely able to keep his head above water. Going out for coffee with Bill Gaultiere and joining a Soul Shepherding group for pastors provided the care he needed. Now he’s caring for other pastors so they awaken to God in fresh ways.


More Testimonials

“All of our lives we have longed for mentors like Bill and Kristi who would be safe to share our brokenness and stretch our learning curve to grow as apprentices to Jesus. They provide a safe place where we feel listened too, honored, and encouraged to be apprentices of Jesus.“We enthusiastically support their ministry on a regular basis.”

Joe and Judy Johnson
Pastor and Wife
Heart of the Father Ministries

“Bill and Kristi have been great mentors and friends to us for many years. Bill is the person that most exemplifies Christ to me. Spending time with him is inevitably transformational. He has influenced everything about the way we do ministry. I wish every Pastor and ministry leader in the country could benefit from Bill’s ministry!”

Robert V. (“Bobby”) and Hannah Schuller
Pastor and Wife
Shepherd’s Grove Church & The Hour of Power

“Bill and Kristi’s example and leadership of connecting me with Jesus Christ has been life-changing!”

Michael Risley
Executive Pastor
Voyagers’ Bible Church

“Bill recently led a fruitful day-long retreat with our executive team. The design of the retreat included refreshing times of personal and group prayer, as well as an effective organizational strategy session that Bill helped plan and facilitate. Bill’s love for Christ, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and collaborative spirit are a tremendous encouragement to our executive team.”

Peter Greer
HOPE International Ministry

“Dr. Bill Gaultiere is uniquely gifted to create a safe environment for pastors to connect intimately with Jesus in prayer, Scripture meditation, and spiritual conversation.  Each time I meet with my monthly soul care group of local pastors I am once again deeply grateful for Bill’s willingness to serve us from the overflow of his own walk with Christ.”

Ed Salas
Spiritual Care Pastor
New Song Community Church

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