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God Cares for Your Emotions (Psalm 139)

Many Christians are stunted in their spiritual growth because they don’t understand or express their deep emotions and desires. As pastors, ministry leaders, caregivers, or parents we may get so busy or so focused on other people that we become disconnected from our own emotions and needs. But being self-aware is crucial to our abilities…

157 – Enneagram: What You Don’t See in Your Personality

The Enneagram is a tool that can help us see our dysfunction, sin, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. God wants to show us the truth about ourselves and look at the parts of ourselves that is sinful so that we can repent and experience true freedom. Join Bill and Kristi as they further unpack each types’ “signature sin” and the pathway to repentance.

Pastors Who Fall Safely

My former pastor Bill Hybels did not learn how to fall safely. We all fall down in life, but have we learned to fall safely? When pastors and leaders for Christ fall unsafely it hurts them, their families, and the people they serve. As a mega church pastor with worldwide influence, Bill Hybels’ recent fall…

Lent Is Love

On the cross God is not rejecting Jesus! The Father is not looking away with disgust as Jesus bears our sin. Love is not defeated by evil. The eternal attitude of God toward Jesus is: “You are my beloved son and in you I am well pleased!” Matt 3:17, 17:5.) Because of Christ you can know God’s lavishly generous attitude toward you and every person on the planet: “You are my lovely daughter and I delight in you! You are my true son and I am so proud of you!” What a miraculous gift!

Nonjudgmental Love Wins the Day

Because Jesus rose from the dead we can be free of judgment and condemnation! As I shared in my confession last week I’ve been working with Jesus on my log rather than judging other people’s specks. (Matthew 7:1-5) I’m thankful for Jesus’ carpentry of the soul in my life. In his workshop I found a gem…