138 – PA: Ministry Begins With Rest

The Bible teaches us to work at resting (Heb. 4:11). What a paradox! In today’s fast-paced, get more done culture, it seems impossible and counter intuitive to rest before working. Join Bill and Kristi as they explore the different rhythms of life and share from their own journey.

Reasons Why Christian Leaders Fail

In Dr. Bobby Clinton’s study of 3,500 leaders for Christ, it was found that only one-third of leaders finished well.  Many drop out (usually due to burnout). Some have a moral failing. The majority plateau (fade into a slow fail). In the Bible this same pattern holds true. Out of 49 leaders featured in the Bible, only 13 of…

137 – When Pastors Fall

Church scandals can create growing pain and disillusionment with fallen leaders and systems. A pastor asked Bill, “How can we stay hopeful and healthy and non-judgmental while also processing the sadness, anger and diminished trust?” Join in on the conversation as Bill and Kristi address this difficult topic.

Pastors Who Fall Safely

My former pastor Bill Hybels did not learn how to fall safely. We all fall down in life, but have we learned to fall safely? When pastors and leaders for Christ fall unsafely it hurts them, their families, and the people they serve. As a mega church pastor with worldwide influence, Bill Hybels’ recent fall…

126 – Family: De-Enmeshing with Meta-communication

Pastors and leaders often struggle with setting healthy boundaries in relationships. Their best intentions can lead to unintentional pain for themselves and those they love. In the process they end up stressed out and exhausted! Join Bill & Kristi as they go deeper on the subject of boundaries and enmeshed relationships.

118 – Courage: Failure is Not Fatal

In their ministry to pastors and leaders, Bill & Kristi have been amazed how many find themselves feeling like they are failing in ministry and in life! Whether we are “feeling” as though we failed, or we have in fact failed at something, in Christ, failure is not fatal! Join Bill & Kristi in a vulnerable, honest conversation on what it means to receive empathy from Jesus and how beautiful the redemption is when we trust him.