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7 Tips for Screen Fatigue

Many of us are feeling tired, stressed, or emotionally flat from shrinking our life down to screens on Zoom, Skype, or other video meetings. More than ever, due to social distancing in Covid-19 we’re staring at screens all day on our phone, tablet, or computer. We’re losing our sense of being human. We’re becoming like…

220 – Help for Screen Fatigue

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks:  Technology is a gift in this season of social distancing, but it can also cause physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. God made us to connect in embodied ways and even though you can be doing good spiritual work over your screen, it takes a toll on our soul. Bill and…

129 – Family: Ministry as a Single Person

The Apostle Paul says that being single is better because it allows one to be fully devoted to the Lord. How does one deal with feelings of loneliness? Is there a difference between loneliness and solitude? Join Bill and Kristi as they explore what Paul said and other challenging questions that come up surrounding the life of ministry as a single person.

The Loneliness of Leadership

Most Christian leaders say they don’t have a close friend. There’s a certain aloneness and feeling of being unappreciated that goes with ministry. You carry others’ burdens but who carries yours? Bill and Kristi feel the struggle and invite you to join their conversation.

Feeling Left Out of the Holidays

During the holiday season you may feel like the apple in a bowl of oranges. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are special occasions for families to gather and it seems that everyone else is with loved ones enjoying being together. If you are feeling left out or lonely you are not the only one around you…

The Lonely Leader

It can be lonely to be a leader for Jesus. Most Pastors Do Not have a Close Friend A survey found that 70% of pastors do not have a close friend. It’s about the same for pastor’s wives and other ministry leaders. Many leaders are lonely because they overwork. Some have relational brokenness that needs…