Tag: Kingdom of God

The Cross and the Kingdom

Jesus Christ's death on the cross provides not only our forgiveness of sins but also our eternal living in the Kingdom of the Heavens. The Bible text for this sermon is Luke's account of Jesus' death on the cross (Luke 23:26-49).
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The Kingdom of God

In his Doctor of Ministry class for pastors Dallas Willard teaches that “The Gospel is a spiritual reality about a spiritual reality… the availability of…
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The Kingdom of God for the Whole Person

Bill spent two weeks at the Mater Dolorosa monastery at a "Spirituality and Ministry" Doctor of Ministry class with Dallas Willard. Bill share some of the things he learned about bringing the whole person into the kingdom of God.
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Be God’s Wildflower — Be Worry Free!

We can't be stress free because stress is part of life. But we can be worry free! (For the most part.) Jesus teaches us to find peace (freedom from fear and anxiety) in his kingdom -- even in the midst of stressful situations.
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