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When You’re Stuck in Your Head

Like some ministry leaders today, Nicodemus was stuck in his head and emotionally reluctant. Jesus offers masterful empathy to help him re-think — and re-feel! — his life to be “born from above” in the Kingdom of God. Here’s an insightful Bible study on John 3:1-17 put into the format of a refreshing empathy-based conversation.


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2 responses to “When You’re Stuck in Your Head

  • Dear Bill, I feel honored that you prayed over my request and that The Lord led you to Nicodemus and Jesus conversation. All the men in my family are intellectual and stuck on their heads. I can sense their tenderness at times, but is very guarded. This and the previous podcast have giving me insight on how to draw them out. God bless you richly as you continue blessing us !!

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