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C.S. Lewis said, “We’re busy because we’re lazy!” How could it be lazy to be busy with our work, ministry, and family?! Because when we do too much or go too fast we’re relying on ourselves rather than God with us. If you struggle with busyness you’re not alone! Let’s talk about how to prioritize the life of our soul in Christ.

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4 responses to “The Busy Leader

  • This podcast was especially meaningful!
    I,ve been retired fir some years now and often feel I am not being
    Productive enough!
    I gues the Lord wants me just as I am!
    Also, I shared your breath prayers with a friend who is worried about a possible health issue
    in Christ, alone, my soul finds…rest, peace, joy, faith, love!

    • Tricia, it is good to know the grace the Lord has for us! Thank you for sharing Breath Prayers with your friend and it is our prayer that the Lord will use them to bring rest, peace, love and healing to her and all who love her. In Jesus name, Michael Ann

  • I was so blessed by your talk!
    Last week I had found myself too busy and realised that I needed to make changes.
    I cancelled some none urgent meeting this week and spent time with the Lord…….this is when your news letter and talk came into my inbox……..Just at the right time! Thank you!

    • Linda, thank you for sharing how Soul Talks has been a blessing to you! We are grateful that the Lord knows our hearts and knows exactly what we need when we need it. He is good! God bless you today! Michael Ann

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