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At the opening of this podcast you can join in with Bill as he offers his daily prayer to apprentice himself to Jesus in the Kingdom of God. Then he and Kristi unpack the prayer’s insights, peace and power in a soul talk. This two-minute prayer has propelled spiritual renewal for many servants of the Lord. You’ll be inspired to pray it over and over and watch what God will do in your life and ministry!


You’ll draw closer to Christ and find practical help with stress and anxiety in Bill’s book, Your Best Life In Jesus’ Easy Yoke.

Soul Talks was selected by iTunes as a “New and Noteworthy” Christian Podcast! We’d love to have you join our growing community of soul friends following Jesus!

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4 responses to “Renew Your Life in the Apprentice Prayer

    • Hi Patti, God bless your desire to want to learn more about Him! Know that you are welcome to the articles, devotionals, bible study, podcast etc on our website. Also if you would like to receive our weekly devotional in which you will find a link to our weekly podcast you can sign up here: Soul Shepherding Devotionals

  • I started reading ‘best life’ this month as my new year renewal. I’m not convinced that I want to relinquish all that I do, every day. I like having time to myself. It’s not that I think Jesus is demanding, but it seems like His life on earth was relentless. Was He truly relaxed? Or did He thrive on that kind of life style? I’m exhausted already and wouldn’t be able to keep up with such non stop activity.

    • Hi Jenni, Thank you for sharing your experience with your new year renewal. Starting out in this can be daunting but know there is so much GRACE. I like this devotional that Bill wrote recently called, Breathe Your Way into the New Year. It includes a breath prayer to helps us pray to give it all in the Lord’s hands. “In Jesus Name…not my strain” Praying you will feel the Lord’s peace and know He finds joy in you!

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