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Making Your Mind New

A pastor and Soul Talks listener asks how to use Soul Shepherding’s list of “Electric Scriptures” to renew our minds and turn on God’s power.

Bill and Kristi share how we can memorize Bible passages and use them in prayer. Bill has been renewing his mind in 1 Peter 5 in humble leadership and Kristi has been using Romans 8 in the life of the Spirit.

Earlier this year iTunes selected us as a “New and Noteworthy” Christian Podcast! We’d love to have you join our growing community of soul friends following Jesus!

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2 responses to “Making Your Mind New

  • Good Morning Kristi and Bill!
    Loved Making Your Mind New podcast.
    May I play it for our CBS Core Group (small group) Leaders at one of our upcoming training this fall?May I also print your resource Electric Prayers? Thank you for blessing me with your “conversation”. May the Lord continue to bless you in the ministry He has given you!

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