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All of us have had moments of feeling confused or even discourage when reading the bible. In this episode, Bill and Kristi share how you can be energized and encouraged by praying Scripture through Lectio Divina! This beautiful practice will help you meditate on God’s word and become powerfully aware of his presence.

2 responses to “179 – Listen: Be Energized in the Word

  • Hello, thank you for your encouraging words. Forgive me as I am commenting on something I have not experienced. I am a non denominational believer, my concern about Lectio Divina is that to me sounds to be rooted in Catholicism. I am wary of the word meditation, for me it this can be associated with many other religions. Many Christians are still quite content to practice yoga. I would appreciate your response. In love and Christ. Pauline.

    • Thanks for sharing Pauline. Our Lectio Divina Guides feature a Bible passage with a brief introduction and three key questions to guide your reading, reflection, and prayer. This is not Easter meditation–it’s Biblical meditation that uses an ancient approach developed by Benedict, a follower of Jesus before the Protestant Reformation.

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