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In this series we’re focusing on Pastor Appreciation (PA). The Bible teaches us to work at resting (Heb. 4:11). What a paradox! In today’s fast-paced, get more done culture, it seems impossible and counter intuitive to rest before working.  Join Bill and Kristi as they explore the different rhythms of life and share from their own journey.

Read Bill’s article on “Ministry Begins With Rest. 

One response to “138 – PA: Ministry Begins With Rest

  • Thank you for this podcast. I really needed to hear this today. Been back from a sabbatical since mid August. What you have touched on here is how in sabbatical I sensed afresh how we really want to be. We are seeking to live that out but I feel in the past weeks all kinds of demands have been creeping in to knock that out. So, thanks for the reminder and exaltation to rest and have the Lord at the centre of this (excuse the British spelling there!!)

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