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Church scandals can create growing pain and disillusionment with fallen leaders and systems.  A pastor asked Bill, “How can we stay hopeful and healthy and non-judgmental while also processing the sadness, anger and diminished trust?” Join in on the conversation as Bill and Kristi address this difficult topic. 


Read the article on Pastors Who Fall Safely.

One response to “137 – When Pastors Fall

  • Great podcast, thanks for the thoughts you have shared here including on how positively to keep from falling, to avoid slipping into ‘entitlement’ and going to wrong places; about the ‘sanctification gap’. Lots of positive suggestions! Your prayer that you mentioned too struck me, “Lord don’t grant me more power or success than my character can handle”. There is real wisdom with such a prayer. It can be so easy of course if others seemingly have more influence and impact to think that their character must be able to handle it. Well it could be but may be not either. May we all embrace what the Lord has for us and have the wisdom and discernment to know what that is and not try and live outside of the limits of it. May we all know the Lord’s grace and help to keep close with Him, including having some others who can speak into our lives.
    And hey, I’d forgotten how encouraging some of those statistics are that you read at the end. It did me good : )

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