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Grow in healthy
feelings and faith

Drs. Bill and Kristi Gaultiere use the Enneagram to lead you through a journey of discovery and growth you may not have thought possible.

Every personality type can get stuck in unhealthy emotional and spiritual patterns:

  • Broken relationships
  • Self-criticism
  • Worry, hurry, and anxiety
  • Insecurity
  • Angry reactions
  • Discouragement
  • Distrusting God

But you don’t have to be controlled by unhealthy emotions and the limitations of your personality.

Here’s your path to renewed hope and personal growth:


Enneagram & Emotions Video Course

Bill and Kristi invite you into emotionally honest conversations about the hurts and sins that each personality type struggles with. Through 14 videos and a companion notebook, you will gain fresh language for your feelings and faith to help you flourish in the love of Jesus.

Let Bill and Kristi guide you into the healthy life and loving relationships you long for.

Understand your Enneagram type and emotions

Learn how to give and receive empathy for each type

See Jesus in Gospel stories as the healthy model for your type

"The stories of different people were so relatable and helpful. It made us feel like we were sitting in Bill and Kristi's office receiving spiritual direction and soul care."

John and Evelyn Lo,

lead pastors of Epicentre Church

"Many Christ followers misunderstand or are afraid of their 'negative' emotions. Bill and Kristi show us how all our emotions are valuable gifts from God by eloquently intertwining emotional intelligence (EQ) tips, the dynamic Enneagram personality inventory, and the Bible."

Karl Benzio, MD

board-certified psychiatrist, founder and director of Honey Lake Clinic

"Bill and Kristi Gaultiere use a Christ-centered Enneagram to help you understand that your emotions are a gift from God, given to draw you into richer relationships with others, yourself, and your Creator."

Beth and Jeff McCord,

Your Enneagram Coach

"[The] unique insights on our core emotions, including anger, shame, anxiety, sadness, and empathy are immediately applicable."

Gary J. Oliver, ThM, PhD

psychologist and author of Mad About Us

"Bill and Kristi make the Enneagram so personal, engaging, and powerfully transformational for Christians. They weave together Scripture, psychology, and practical soul care guidance to help you make the changes that will positively impact your personal and professional relationships."

Georgia Schaffer,

professional certified coach, psychologist, author of Coaching the Coach

". . . you will learn how to tether feelings with faith and discover God's presence in your personality. I can't wait to get this to our churches and other pastor friends!"

Bishop Sheridan McDaniel,

pastor and spiritual director

What You'll learn

Video 1: Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith

How empathy and prayer help you get unstuck from unhealthy patterns with anger, shame, anxiety, and sadness.

Video 2: Governing Anger With Love

Anger is a response to broken boundaries. Loving boundaries and bodily prayer help you and others not be harmed by anger.

Video 3: Don't Feel Bad, Feel Sad

Shame is self-rejection. Healthy grief, agreeing with God’s grace, and heart prayer can help us get free from shame.

Video 4: Calm Your Anxious Mind

Anxiety is repressed emotion. Balancing inflows and outflows, along with mindful prayer can help us enjoy God’s peace.

Video 5: Sadness as Good Grief

Healthy sadness is good grief. In all kinds of losses we need to trust a friend and Jesus as we go through the emotional phases of grief.

Videos 6-14: Enneagram & Emotions Types

Conversations, stories, empathy, psychological insights, Scriptures, and soul care practices for each type to grow in the love of Jesus.

Meet your teachers

Drs. Bill and Kristi Gaultiere have been counseling and ministering to people for thirty years and are the authors of Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith and Journey of the Soul. Bill is a psychologist who has served in private practice, co-led a New Life psychiatric day hospital, and pastored churches. Kristi is a marriage and family therapist who has also served in private practice and church ministry. Together they are the founders of Soul Shepherding, a nonprofit ministry to help people discover their next steps for growing in intimacy with Jesus, emotional health, and loving relationships. Bill and Kristi live in California.

Digital course notebook​

To go along with the videos, you’ll get a PDF notebook that offers helpful information and resources to go deeper with your learning. It features:



Some developers and teachers of the Enneagram are Christians and others are not. We use ideas and approaches that are Biblical and support discipleship to Jesus Christ.

There are 14 videos by Bill and Kristi Gaultiere that are about 30 minutes long each. Plus you receive a digital course guidebook.

When you sign up, you’ll create a user name and password to log into a private website where you can access the videos and guidebook. Then you can watch or listen to the videos at your own pace.

We integrate feelings and faith (psychology and spirituality) to help you experience intimacy with Jesus, wholeness, and loving relationships.

We discuss this in the course. The short answer is that the Bible teaches us to be aware of our emotions, listen to one another, pray, and rely on the truths of God’s word.

As long as the course is offered by Soul Shepherding, which we expect to be for many years.

Your registration is for one person. Please ask your friends to buy their own registrations or buy it for them as a gift. This covers the expenses of producing and maintaining the course and supports the nonprofit ministry of Soul Shepherding.

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