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Erika serves with Soul Shepherding as a Sr. Spiritual Director. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, where she journeys with others holistically to support healing at a root-cause level and sees the immense value of soul care in this.

Erika completed the Soul Shepherding Institute and Spiritual Direction certificate. Additionally, she has a B.A. in Education and has a history of teaching, church ministry, inner-city missions, and holistic advising at a Christian university. She loves getting to know someone’s unique identity and journeying with them to experience God more deeply as they bring their whole self to Him.

After being encouraged to pursue becoming a spiritual director to use her gifts in a more formal capacity, Erika discovered Soul Shepherding and valued the emotional/relational health component included, along with their mission of soul care for leaders. Throughout the training, she realized how she had neglected her own soul care as she took on the responsibility of others in leadership. God in His kindness restored her soul through the tools and process that she now desires to share with others.

Erika lives in Evergreen, Colorado where she delights in exploring the beauty around her.