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Bill Staffieri

Sr. Spiritual Director

Fountain Valley, CA

Bill serves with Soul Shepherding as a Spiritual Director. He is the Senior Pastor of Beachpoint Church where he has served since 1992 and has also served as an adjunct professor in the Christian Ministry and Leadership department at Biola University since 2000.

Bill has a BA in Christian Education from Biola University, a MA from Talbot Seminary in Ministry, and a Doctorate from Northern Seminary. Bill completed the Soul Shepherding Institute and Spiritual Direction certificate training.

With over 30 years of pastoral ministry and over 20 years working with pastors at Biola and in his denomination, Bill knew there was more to pastoral ministry than strategic planning. Bill came to Soul Shepherding realizing that a pastor’s soul is often neglected, worn out, and discouraged. His years with Soul Shepherding have revitalized his spirit and refocused his ministry. It has been Bill’s joy to come alongside pastors to help them care for their own life with Jesus, become attuned to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and bask in the love of God the Father.

Bill’s hobbies include scuba diving and playing hockey.  Bill and his wife Kimberly live in Fountain Valley, CA, and have three children.

You can contact Bill at bills@beachpoint.com.


  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Masters in Pastoral Ministry
  • Doctorate in Christian Education

Work Experience

  • Student Ministries
  • Senior Pastor
  • Seminary Professor
  • Pastoral Coach
  • Church Consultant

Soul Shepherding