Relaxing Your Monkey Brain

Our thoughts can be “like monkeys jumping around in a banana tree,” Henri Nouwen writes. (The full quote is in our article on “Solitude and Silence”.) Have you noticed any monkeys jumping around in your brain? Do you find yourself over-stressed, distractible, irritable, judging yourself or others, or anxious? That’s the impish monkeys! They screech…

Notes From “An Unhurried Life”

Readers of our Soul Shepherding Devotionals will know that being unhurried with Jesus is a theme I often write about. That’s because hurry is such a problem for many of us. So I was thankful to have Alan Fadling, a friend and colleague of mine, give a talk for a group of pastors and leaders on his new book, An Unhurried Life: Following Jesus’ Rhythms of Work and Rest. Here are my notes.