Friday, October 21st at 11:00am PDT
A Soul Shepherding Network Webinar with Jessica Stong and Amy Dalke

Lectio Divina is a spiritual discipline of meditation on Scripture in which you slowly and prayerfully read and re-read a text in order to listen and apply God’s word to your life. It’s an ancient monastic practice that is used by many Christians today.

“Lectio Divina elevates a small group into a community for transformation in Christlikeness!” ― Bill Gaultiere

In this webinar, Jessica and Amy will share the best reflection questions and rhythms for leading Lectio Divina and answer your questions live in the webinar!

The beauty of guiding the Lectio Divina process is that the Spirit of Christ is the real Leader. 

As the guide, you’re simply assisting the Lord. 

The practical tips shared in the webinar will help you to lead from Jesus’ Easy Yoke, enjoying the process, and appreciating the insights and inspiration that the Spirit of Jesus brings!

Friday, October 21st at 11:00 am PDT

How do I access the webinar?

This webinar is one of many that are available live and on demand in the Soul Shepherding Network, which you can join for less than $20 a month.

Join us live* on Friday, October 21st at 11:00am PDT for this webinar and a live Q&A! *If you are unable to attend live, you may watch the replay (after the live webinar) in the Network Vault.

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– Soul Shepherding Network Subscriber

This webinar will be facilitated by Soul Shepherding Sr. Spiritual Directors and Coaches, Jessica Stong and Amy Dalke

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