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2 responses to “Jesus’ Non-Anxious Yoke for You

  • Praise God, His Timing is Always Perfect! Was on Facebook, and it was this video I watched this morning, 3/20/2017, actually I was drawn to watch it. Every word you spoke is true, in my life, been there, and yes, done that too! Anxiety big issue at times, but not like it was. I read my Bible, books by Christian authors and my favorite “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers. I post time to time on Facebook which I love doing, my Pastor posts as well, and I enjoy reading his, they’re very uplifting and have gotten me through many a hard day. I am retired, but took a part-time job to help out as my son, Christopher is going to school, his goal, to be a Chiropractor. He made a great choice, his ability to help people is really paramount, he’s been gifted with this natural ability. Long story short, the working environment because very negative, as the days turned into weeks I found myself spending less time, if no time, reading my Bible, didn’t post with much enthusiasm. yes, I was very stressed and began having health problems. The realization was, and thank goodness I was vigilant enough, I was becoming distanced from God. I prayed during these stressful months and waited patiently for God to answer, which came on Monday morning, 3/20/17 at about 2AM, I was to get my resignation letter ready which I did. Little did I know what was in store for me that Monday morning, having the letter just made it easier to leave on good standing. I am now job searching, and as I pray to God, I know He knows what I’m in need of and also knows He’s Always by my side. I just wanted to thank you for your insight to help out with dealing with anxiety. When it came to the Breath Prayer and once I did it, I broke out into tears, not from sadness, but a great sense of release of everything I had pent up inside. I thank you so much and to say In enjoyed your video is an understatement, it was fantastic! In closing, keep fighting the good fight, as I remain,
    Joan Southard

    • Joan thank you for sharing your heart with us and how the Lord has used this video to minister to you. We are grateful for how the Lord is working in your life and praying you will continue to know that He goes before you to prepare the way. God bless you!

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