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Step Into Jesus’ Easy Yoke

We strain and stress. We hurry and worry. We think it's normal. We say, "It's hard to be a Christian!" But Jesus says, "Come to me... My yoke is easy." Easy? Yes, easy! Our Biblical insights and personal examples will help you understand practically what Jesus' easy yoke is and how you can live, work, and relate with people in that easy yoke.
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Jesus’ Easy Yoke for Pastors

Pastors today face tremendous pressure, heavy burdens, and stress overload. They’re constantly pressured to improve in the A-B-C’s of church success: Attendance, Buildings, and Cash. Their church’s…
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Becoming a Good Person by Being in Jesus’ Easy Yoke

In Jesus' easy yoke we can become the kind of person who genuinely and consistently loves God, neighbors, and even enemies. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus explains what a truly good (and happy!) person is like and how to become one. But most of us who seek to follow Jesus don't understand his teaching in the Sermon on the Mount and in the inward transformation of the heart he brings.
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You Can Live in Jesus’ Easy Yoke

In the midst of your daily life with its challenges Jesus has an easy yoke for you to walk in. Following Jesus is meant to be a life of ease, delight, character growth, and adventure! Of course, there are challenges and pains to overcome but we can learn to do so with grace.
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Run Easy

“You make it look easy” a neighbor said as I ran by. “Thanks! I’m having fun,” I replied. “Have a great day!” I was doing…
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