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127 – Family: Confessions of a Perfectionist

Pastors, ministry leaders, and others who are strongly committed to following Christ seem to be the most susceptible to perfectionism. We can help ourselves by being honest about the ways that our perfectionism has gotten out of control. Join us as Bill shares stories about his “perfectionism” and how Kristi helped him to process and find freedom in Christ.

Good Enough

In this episode Bill shares that despite an abundance of positive feedback in response to the recent launch of this “Soul Talks” podcast he has battled with releasing “imperfect” episodes. Kristi also shares about her issues with perfectionism. They invite you to join them in relying on God’s grace!

Bible Verses on Perfectionism

Are there Bible verses on perfectionism? What does Scripture teach us about the problem of perfectionism? Over the years I’ve talked with many people who struggle with perfectionism. I myself have had problems with it. In my own life and as I have helped other in psychotherapy and spiritual mentoring I have found that God’s Word…