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216 – COVID-19: The Tiredness You Feel is Grief

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks:  The losses we’re experiencing in this coronavirus season can leave us feeling weary and heavy. The grief is real and needs care. In this candid conversation, Bill and Kristi unpack the stages of grief and what it looks like to grow towards deeper integration and connection with Christ.…

COVID-19: Help for Grief

It’s like there’s a dark cloud called COVID-19 hovering over us. It’s generating worry, irritableness, discouragement, and especially tiredness. What is this dark cloud? What is it that is sapping our energy and causing stress reactions? Author David Kessler calls it “anticipatory grief.” But probably we feel it as anticipatory anxiety. We worry and ruminate…

136 – Emotions: Befriending Our Sadness

Sadness is an emotion many of us struggle to get in touch with. It can be difficult to open up our hearts to feel the deeper hurts and be honest about our needs. Bill and Kristi share their process with sadness and the healing pathway that helped them to experience restoration, growth, and reconnection with the God of grace and comfort.

123 – Family: Grief Leads to Joy!

In a new series titled Family, Bill & Kristi address 5 threats to harmony in your family, beginning with unresolved grief. Do you find yourself pretending, avoiding being honest with your family about how you are doing and how the difficult things in life are affecting you? After all, you are a ministry leader! You need to appear strong, un-phased by the ups and downs of life! It is our hope you are encouraged by this powerful conversation.

Sharing Emotions Without Dumping

Do your emotions help or hinder your life and your relationships? Being vulnerable is different than dumping on people. Caring for people is different than rescuing them. Bill and Kristi share wisdom for processing emotions and maintaining objectivity in conflicts.

My Best Boston Marathon

Yesterday we saw images of last year’s Boston marathon bombing. Next Monday we’ll be praying for the safety of the runners and supporters at the 2014 Boston marathon. Two years ago I fulfilled a lifelong dream by qualifying for and completing the Boston Marathon, cheered on by Kristi. So you can see why we’d have a special…