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175- If God is Angry it’s Loving

Listen to this episode of Soul Talks:   What does it look like to have anger that is governed by love? Jesus models for us healthy anger that is not reactive. His anger is always rooted in love and compassion. Jesus’ loving anger leads him to defend those around Him that are being mistreated. Join…

159 – Enneagram: Anger & Love (Challenger Type)

Challenger types (#8) on the Enneagram tend to be vocal and thrive on making impact as leaders.  David in the Bible could be an 8 as he challenged Goliath and became King while learning to become vulnerable in his weaknesses (Ps. 51).  Join Bill and special guest Bobby Schuller, from the Hour of Power, as they unpack the growth and stress points of the challenger type.  

131 – Emotions: Befriending Our Anger

It’s always helpful to be aware of all our emotions, including anger. If you have trouble feeling angry then that is a problem just as much being easily angered or resentful is a problem. The key is how we deal with our anger. Listen to Bill and Kristi share on the importance of processing our anger and bringing it to God.