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137 – When Pastors Fall

Church scandals can create growing pain and disillusionment with fallen leaders and systems. A pastor asked Bill, “How can we stay hopeful and healthy and non-judgmental while also processing the sadness, anger and diminished trust?” Join in on the conversation as Bill and Kristi address this difficult topic.

Alcohol & the Holy Spirit

Kristi asks Bill, “How are you feeling?” He shares he feel’s sad for Jesus. Because a group of Christians regularly go from a church meeting to social meeting in which they drink too much and have unwholesome conversation. It’s like two different lives. Their is great joy and blessing in being with Jesus in all that we do. This is our best witness to the world.

Help For Hidden Emotions

Probably we all have hidden emotions. Some of us feel emotionally lost, locked up, even numb. A listener who was abused as a child and shut down her feelings asks for pointers on re-learning how to feel. We help her and you not to judge yourself but to seek grace from God, through prayer and supportive people.

Caring for People who Cut Themselves (Help for Self-Injury)

Years ago I was responsible for training volunteer telephone counselors for an international Christian ministry. We were getting 150 calls a day from adults and teenagers who were in crisis, hurting in some other way, or needing prayer. Some of the young people who called were struggling with cutting themselves. This frightened some of our…

Healing for the Abused

Many ministry leaders and servants of Christ that we help have been abused in the past. Some were hit, yelled at, or called bad names. Others were sexually violated. Many suffered with harsh judgments from a parent. Tragically, survivors of abuse tend to perpetuate the pain of how they were mistreated with self-condemnation or destructive…