by Bill Gaultiere

Unforsaken: With Jesus on the Stations of the Cross


Paperback (on Amazon)

76 pages (includes 17 pictures)


Kindle (on Amazon)


Psychologist and Spiritual Director Bill Gaultiere guides you on a prayer walk with Jesus and the ancient stations of his cross.

You’ll be encouraged by

  • Beautiful art renderings of each Station
  • Fresh re-tellings of Gospel stories
  • Surprising insights from the Bible
  • Prayers to draw closer to Christ and learn from him
  • A hope-filled journey with Jesus!

This guide is for your personal devotions or to share with friends in a small group or on a retreat. It’s great for Lent or anytime of year. Appendix One features an outline for eight messages or studies.

What Readers of Unforsaken Say

“I was overwhelmed with the love of Christ!”

“Doing the stations was the most meaningful part of the retreat for me.”

“Jesus’ suffering tempts me to think that God seems mean and to shut down emotionally. But Unforsaken shows me that actually God is caring for Jesus and for me.”

“I see how I can be more like Jesus.”

“Tears flowed! Seeing Jesus’ sacrifice I received a deep healing for the abuse I went through.”

“I can’t wait to share this with my friends!”

About the Author

Bill Gaultiere, PhD is the author of Your Best Life in Jesus’ Easy Yoke: Rhythms of Grace to De-Stress and Live Empowered. He and his wife Kristi lead the ministry of Soul Shepherding to cultivate intimacy with Jesus for pastors and other servants of the Lord. They and their Associates offer counseling, spiritual direction, retreats, and a certificate training program. They have three adult children and live in Irvine, CA.

3 responses to “Unforsaken

  • i just read few in the introduction, it seems to be good to be with jesus more. if you are wishing please give me a copy of unforsaken . Thank you God bless you

    • Hi Pramala, You are able to order a copy of Unforsaken at the above “blue” rectangle links. If you would like further information contact us here. Praying the Lord will bless you during your walk with Him during Lent.

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