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Experience Authentic Community in Christ

We all hunger for “deep-spirited friendships” in which we come to know one another in the ups and downs of our lives and get to see God at work in it all—helping us to become more like Christ and involving us in his kingdom purposes.

That’s what our Soul Care Groups are for!

They’re available to members of the Soul Shepherding Network at no extra charge. Most of the groups meet on a monthly basis, except for Group Spiritual Direction which meets weekly.

Discover a Place of Belonging

The Soul Care Groups are a safe place where you won’t be advised, invalidated, or judged. Instead, you’ll be listened to with empathy and prayerfulness. Whether you are a spiritual director, pastor, leader, or serving others in another role, you’ll find a group that fits your need.

Upcoming Soul Care Groups

Group Spiritual Direction
Wednesday, January 31st from 11am – 12:30pm Pacific

Pastor’s Soul Care Group
Tuesday, January 16th from 11am – 12:30pm Pacific

Pastors’ Wives’ Soul Care Group
Monday, January 15th from 4pm-6pm Pacific

Lectio Divina Soul Care Group
Tuesdays, January 9th and 23rd from 9:00am-10:00am Pacific

Connect with people like you who care for others and are seeking to grow in emotional health and intimacy with Jesus.

Soul Care Groups


You pour out your life for others… We invite you to come and be filled. You’ll experience rich Scripture meditation, quiet reflection, and soul talk. This group is exclusively for pastors and missionaries in our Network.

*In order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the pastors in this group, access requires authorization by the group leader, Pastor Dave Rimoldi.

Time: Meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday from 11:00am-12:30pm Pacific


At Soul Shepherding, we deeply care about the unseen burdens you carry in ministry. Discover a safe, confidential space for you to connect with other pastors’ wives in a loving, discerning, supportive, and prayerful community.

Time: Meets monthly on the 3rd Monday from 4:00pm-6:00pm Pacific


Group spiritual direction is a time to listen to the Spirit on behalf of one another and to humbly reflect what we sense the Spirit impressing on our hearts and minds. Discover a safe place to share an area of personal challenge, explore your prayer life, or seek discernment on a particular decision.

Time: Meets monthly on the last Wednesday from 11:00am-12:30pm Pacific


Meet with others in the Soul Shepherding community to discuss books that will help you deepen your spiritual formation journey.

Time: Tuesdays,  11:00am-12:00pm Pacific


During our time together, we will embrace Soul Shepherding’s approach by emphasizing quiet listening, emotional engagement, and prayerful application. We understand that Lectio Divina helps cultivate an attitude of humility and submission to the Lord. It helps you get out of the way so you can open yourself to be spoken to and transformed by Holy Spirit. What you find in Lectio Divina is that God brings divine life to you through the Scripture!

Time: Currently on Summer Break.

Meet Our Group Leaders

Soul Care Groups are led by our Soul Shepherding Staff, Sr. Spiritual Directors, and Coaches.

Dave Rimoldi

Amy Dalke

Nan Popineau

Jodine Zeitler

Upcoming Soul Care Groups - Launching Soon!

In addition to our Soul Care Groups, you also have exclusive access to:

  • New webinars each month (plus a library of past webinars)
  • Hundreds of soul care tools (with new ones added each month)
  • Private Facebook group for community, prayer, and Scripture meditation
  • Listing your professional bio on SoulShepherding.org

The Soul Shepherding Network has been designed specifically for people like you who desire to grow emotionally and spiritually, while helping others on their journey with Jesus.

Have questions? We want to connect one on one!

The Soul Care Groups follow these guidelines:

1. Confidentiality

We protect your personal information by keeping it secret. This is stated and re-stated to all the group members.

2. Personal sharing

We invite you to share vulnerably with your group by using “I statements” that invite others to understand how you’re feeling or what you’re praying about.

3. It’s okay to pass

 We won’t pressure you to share. You’re welcome to observe, listen, and get comfortable until you feel ready to share.

4. Empathy

In past small groups, you may have experienced some people dominating, spouting opinions, or trying to fix problems with reassurance or Bible verses. To minimize these disruptions we refrain from giving advice and are “quick to listen” with a soft heart (James 1:19).

Soul Shepherding