Books Recommended by Bill & Kristi Gaultiere

Sometimes a book opens our heart to heaven. Other times it offers us new, God-inspired paradigms for life and ministry with Jesus. Here are some books that we hope will do both for you!

These books are part of our Soul Shepherding Institute, which includes the option of completing Spiritual Direction Training and Certification. In 2013 we launched this retreat-based program in “Spiritual Formation and Soul Care Ministry” to nourish and train pastors, spiritual directors, and other men and women in ministry for living and ministering as apprentices of Jesus. Our Institute is a two-year process of attending retreats in community, study, practicing spiritual disciplines, and being personally cared for and mentored by Bill and Kristi. (To learn more visit “Institute: Spiritual Formation and Soul Care Retreats.”)

To earn a “Spiritual Direction Ministry” certificate from Soul Shepherding, Inc. one of the requirements is to read 12 books from our Reading List. The online classes that are part of this program will include readings from a number of books on the list, especially the ones under “Spiritual Direction Training”. We also have a second reading list of the Classics of Devotion to Christ which are found in “Reading Classic Devotional Books.” Students write a short Reflection Paper on each book and turn these into Soul Shepherding staff. (See our sample TLC Reading Log, “Aelred of Rievaulx: Spiritual Friendship.”)

Spiritual Formation in Christ (Week 1)

Spiritual and Psychological Development (Week 2)

Soul Care Ministry (Week 3)

Spiritual Leadership (Week 4)

Spiritual Direction Training


* These books have chapters assigned for reading in preparation for the online classes in Soul Shepherding’s program for Spiritual Direction Training and Certification.

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