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We’ve got over 30 years of experience guiding pastors and ministry leaders in finding rest and preventing burnout. We are excited to offer a couple of our best tools and tips completely FREE to you!

In this free bundle you will receive: 

  • Stress Overload Inventory: Are you in danger of burnout? Take this short inventory to see if you may need help with the effects of stress on your body & Soul.
  • Life Events Stress Test: We underestimate how life events, both happy and difficult impact us. Take this short tests to check your vulnerability to stress related illness.
  • Re-ordering Your Life to Prevent Burnout:  In ministry leadership or caring for others we often end up depending more on our own intelligence and abilities than upon the Holy Spirit. This tool will help you reorient your life for spiritual health in ministry.
  • Jesus’ Way of Setting Boundaries: Jesus set boundaries! In this resource you can learn from Jesus and how he lived out these boundaries and limits.
  • Also included:3 bonus resources!