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70% of pastors and leaders say they don’t have the support they need. Many struggle with anxiety, depression, and other emotional and relational health challenges. 
The Soul Shepherding Network is a place for you to connect with a ministry friend or mentor to help you thrive with Jesus in life and leadership. Members are spiritual directors, pastors, small group leaders, coaches counselors, missionaries, and church leaders who have exclusive access to the Soul Shepherding vault of resources for emotional health and specialized training and supervision. 

Network Members

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Megan Stewart

Irvine, CA
Spiritual Director

Jessica Stong

Wichita, KS
Leadership Coach, Retreat Leader

Connie Morris

Holland, Michigan
Spiritual Director, Prayer Minister

Susan Snyder

Orange Country, California
Coach, Teacher, Spiritual Director

Amy Dalke

Richmond, TX
Retreat Leader, Spiritual Director

Sheridan McDaniel

Corona, CA

Briana Gaultiere

Costa Mesa, CA
Spiritual Director, Speaking

Dave Rimoldi

Long Beach, CA
Spiritual Director

Beth Snyder

Colorado Springs, CO
Chaplain, Spiritual Director

Sungshim Loppnow

Glendale, CA
Marriage and Family Therapist, Spiritual Director

John Walton

Milwaukee, WI
Senior Pastor, Spiritual Director

Nan Popineau

Logan, Utah
Spiritual Director

Dave Larson

Central Valley, CA
Lead Pastor, Spiritual Director

Gena Larson

Central Valley, CA
Executive Director, Spiritual Director

Joan Graham

Coto De Caza, CA
Spiritual Director

Ned McGrady

Marion, IN
Missionary Care, Spiritual Director

Jeff McCrory

Knoxville, TN
Pastor, Spiritual Director

Craig Davis

Yorba Linda, CA
Pastor, Spiritual Director

Rob Jacobs

Orange County, CA
Pastor, Spiritual Director

Jim Long

Kennesaw, Georgia
Church leader, IT consultant, Spiritual Director