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At Soul Shepherding we feel for you because we’ve been there. We’ve hit the wall, got help, and come out the other side, learning to live and lead from intimacy with Jesus, emotional health, and loving relationships. We can help you do the same.

Where Spiritual Formation Meets Psychology

At Soul Shepherding, we provide spiritual and emotional health resources, coaching, and training to help pastors, missionaries, and all who desire to thrive with Jesus in life and leadership.

Start thriving in your life and leadership

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Hi, we're Bill & Kristi Gaultiere

We are doctors of psychology and the founders of Soul Shepherding. Together we have trained thousands of pastors, spiritual directors, leaders, missionaries, and coaches. Our Institute retreat gatherings feature teaching and guided experiences in Jesus-centered psychology.

We and our team of Sr. Spiritual Directors are honored to care for you as you care for others.

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Receive Spiritual Direction and Coaching

Soul Shepherding Sr. Spiritual Directors and Coaches are honored to listen to the Spirit of Jesus with you, offering empathy and guidance in your spiritual and psychological development. We offer spiritual direction, leadership coaching, Journey of the Soul coaching, and sabbatical coaching services.

If you sense the need to be heard, known, and loved by a spiritual companion in your journey, you can take the first step by connecting today.

Experience the Soul Shepherding Institute

Experience life changing community and learning as part of our four 5-day Institute retreats in Spiritual Formation, Spiritual and Psychological Development, Soul Care Ministry, and Relationally Healthy Leadership.  

You can join a cohort of about 30 to 40 pastors and leaders or be a guest at a single retreat, as space is available. You’ll leave each retreat feeling rested, rejuvenated, encouraged, and equipped with the tools you need to thrive in your life, relationships, ministry, and leadership.

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