We're Hiring: Project and Administrative Assistant

Do you love Jesus and want to use your administrative gifts to advance God’s Kingdom?

We are looking for an assistant to support our Operations Team with administration and projects. A successful applicant has a heart of joyful service, computer proficiency, and great communication skills. Experience with project management and email marketing software is preferred.  

To apply, please email your cover letter and resume to admin@soulshepherding.org

Project and Administrative Assistant Job Description

General: This position will provide administrative support to the entire operations department, potentially expanding into other departments as needed and as personal capacity allows.

  • Implementing tasks as delegated by the Operations Manager including but not limited to:  
    • Uploading resources to the website 
    • Uploading transcripts to Temi and submitting to the editor 
    • Scheduling meetings
    • Sending follow up emails
    • Uploading Network resources
  • Implementing tasks for the Operations Director including but not limited to: 
    • Updating and organizing some Active Campaign and Asana tasks
    • Updating the donor management system
    • Managing emails and requests for the Director of Operations and Programs
    • Scheduling meetings 
    • Emails communication around onboarding and engagement
    • Emails to coach training program students, clients, network groups
    • Supporting communication to internal stakeholders
    • Prepare meeting outlines, coordinate meeting topic requests
    • Coordinating communication with Sr. SDs and Coaches 
    • Tracking SD and Coaches’ calendars and reporting back to Operations Director as needed
    • Managing logistics and follow up related to coaching and coach training program
    • Supporting Network FB group posts and emails
    • Coordinating Network groups and webinars

To apply, please email your cover letter and resume to admin@soulshepherding.org.