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This season has brought many unknowns and pain. In the face of anxiety and worry we can lean into the peace and rest we have in Jesus.  We’ve got over 30 years of experience training pastors and ministry leaders like you. We have gathered some of our best resources completely FREE!

In this free bundle you will receive: 

  • How to Feel Your Emotions with Jesus: It’s important to appreciate that Jesus is a feeler who experiences and expresses deep and vivid emotions about many things in life. In this resource, read through the places in Scripture that describe the emotions Jesus experienced. 
  • Face Your Fears: When you avoid your fears you receive momentary relief but it soon catches up. Receive encouragement to face your fears with the “Shalom Prayer” in this resource.
  • Don’t Worry?: The Bible never advises denial of emotion. Express your emotions as you read this “Psalm 37 Prayer.”
  • “Fear Not!” 365 Days a Year: Discover God’s peace by learning this “Fear Not’ Prayer” and learn the many time God encourages us to trust him.
  • Also included: 3 bonus resources!