Bill & Kristi will be speaking at a closed event on Saturday and will be speaking again on Sunday morning. Please join us on Sunday!

Saturday: Enneagram Seminar for staff and leaders

The Enneagram is a simple and powerful tool for our discipleship to Jesus. Its history goes all the way back to the Desert Fathers and Mothers of the early Christian Church. There’s a wealth of spiritual and psychological understanding from diverse cultures and religions that’s gone into this theory of personality. At this event Bill & Kirsti approach the Enneagram through the filter of God’s word and equip church staff and leadership to grow the spiritual and psychological health of their ministries.

This is a closed event. If you are interested in having Bill & Kirsti speak to your team contact us. 

Sunday Services: “Soul Practices for the Heart”

Join Bill & Kristi at Twin Cities Church on Sunday February 23rd, where they will be sharing what is looks like to engage in soul care disciplines which help us grow in our relationships with Christ.


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