Soul Shepherding

Join us for our webinar with Sr. Spiritual Director, Dave Rimoldi. The webinar will be based on our resource, Unforsaken.

Webinar Description: 

Come join me on a journey with Jesus through a reflective experience on the Stations of the Cross. On his cross journey, Jesus not only carries our sin to minister God’s forgiveness but he carries our emotional distress to minister God’s empathy as well. In this webinar, I will share my own experience with Jesus through the Stations as well as how you too can pause at each station to gaze upon Jesus’ face and his unfailing love for you.  We will be using Bill Gaultiere’s Unforsaken devotional guide as a resource to help us see in Jesus’ suffering a mirror to understand our own emotional hurts and struggles and receive God’s empathy and grace. I look forward to sharing this experience with you at 6 pm PST on March 24th.

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