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Institute Cohort 14: Spiritual Formation Retreat

June 6, 2022
Mon 12 pm – Fri 12:30 pm
Willowood Ranch, Bells, TX

Many people who are serving God as pastors, leaders, or other ministry positions plateau or burnout. That doesn’t have to be your story. You can thrive with Jesus by participating in Soul Shepherding’s Institute for Spiritual Formation and Soul Care.

The first of the four Institute weeks is on “Spiritual Formation” which is described below.

We Personally Coach You

Bill and Kristi Gaultiere are doctors of psychology and spiritual directors who founded Soul Shepherding in 2009. God has greatly blessed this ministry. Their website receives over 1,000,000 page views a year and their Facebook page reaches 1,000,000 people every month. Every week they minister to thousands of pastors, leaders, and other women and men in ministry through their podcast and blog.

At their Institute they will personally train you in their unique model for cultivating intimacy with Jesus, relational health, and fruitful leadership.

They were personally mentored by Dallas Willard and have over 70,000 hours of experience providing counseling and leadership coaching. 

Since 2013 over 125 pastors and leaders have participated in Institute’s life-changing experience. Men and women of diverse ethnic backgrounds have come from all over the United States as well as Canada, the UK, Mexico, Columbia, China, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Uganda, and South Africa.

Spiritual Formation

Everybody has a formation. If you’re formed by ambition, anxiety, self-criticism, pleasing-people, or alcohol it sucks joy and power from your soul, hurts the people around you, and limits your effectiveness in leadership and ministry.

But Jesus comes to us with a smile and open arms: “Rethink how you’re living your life in light of your opportunity to do all that you do with me in my Father’s world” (Matthew 3:17, paraphrased). 

In this week of training on retreat in a community of 20-25 people Bill and Kristi help you step into Jesus’ easy yoke to be formed in his rhythms of grace, to walk with him and work with him, to love with him and lead with him.

Daily Schedule

During each day of this Institute week on “Spiritual Formation” you’ll enjoy:

  • Inspirational teaching on Spiritual Formation in Christ
  • Group spiritual direction
  • Guided experiences in Scripture and prayer
  • Extended “TLC Time” (To Love Christ) for personal retreat
  • Notebook full of inspiring readings, Bible studies, and tools
  • Personalized spiritual direction/coaching

Cohort 14 Retreats

It’s best to complete all four Institute weeks in order. However, sometimes we can accommodate participants who participate in the retreats out of order and from different cohorts. Here’s the upcoming schedule:

  • “Spiritual Formation:” June 6-10, 2022 in Bells, TX
  • “Spiritual & Psychological Development:” January 23-27, 2023 in Bells, TX
  • “Soul Care Ministry:” June 5-9, 2023 in Bells, TX
  • “Relationally Healthy Leadership:” Jan 22-26, 2024 in Bells, TX
  • You can also complete the 4 retreats in six months. Contact us to learn more.

Certificate in Spiritual Direction Ministry

We have a special track within the Soul Shepherding Institute for earning a certificate in the ministry of Spiritual Direction. Each month you’ll participate in a class or supervision group that is online. Additionally, you’ll receive spiritual direction, be guided as you meet with “directees” or soul friends, read a few great books, and make new Soul Shepherding friends! Through this program, we can help you meet the recommendations of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors’ Association.  

More Info

For more information, including testimonies of past participants, visit our page on “Institute: Spiritual Formation and Soul Care Retreats.

We have pictures of past retreats on our Soul Shepherding Facebook page.

Contact us if you have questions or want to complete an application.


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