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Emotional intelligence is vitally important for effective leadership and love, both in your church and family. We’ve got over 30 years of experience training pastors and ministry leaders like you. We are excited to offer a couple of our best tools and tips to grow your EQ, completely FREE!

In this free bundle you will receive: 

  • Emotional Intelligence Test – How is your EQ? Take this test to learn how you can grow in your Emotional Intelligence.
  • Developing the 5 Aspects of Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman identified 5 core aspects of EQ. Learn simple ways to grow in each one.
  • Jesus Feels All Your Emotions – We don’t think of Jesus as a feeler. Learn the 39 emotions Jesus demonstrates throughout scripture.
  • Christ’s Shield to Deal With Criticism – Criticism can often put us on the defensive and may even make us angry. This resource will help give you a fresh perspective.
  • Also included: 3 bonus resources!