Listen to Bill teach this series:

“Solitude and Silence”
“Fasting and Feasting on the Word of God”
“Worship the Lord and Come Alive!”
“Slow Down for a Sabbath Rest”

Together, by interacting with God’s grace, we can be with Jesus and become like him. Disciplines for the spiritual life help us “abide” in Jesus and bear fruit, to connect deeply with him and to become more loving like he is (John 15:1-17). There is a great variety of disciplines for life in Christ that help us to grow in the love, joy and peace of God. All of them can be categorized as either disciplines of abstinence or engagement. (See our “Spiritual Disciplines List.”)

In these series of four classes Bill teaches on these time-tested, foundational disciplines for life in Christ: (1) Solitude and Silence, (2) Fasting and Feasting on the Word of God, (3) Come Alive as You Worship the Lord, (4) Slow Down for a Sabbath Rest. Each class includes me leading an Abiding Prayer experience (with a Breath Prayer from the Bible).

Bill taught this series at The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa, CA from 1/23/2013 to 2/13/2013.

You will love our award-winning Podcast: Soul Talks with Bill & Kristi Gaultiere. You can listen to these 20-minute conversations at our Podcast Archives.




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