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Get the support and guidance you need to live and lead in Jesus’ easy yoke. Meeting with your Sr. Coach will equip you to further your calling.

Our Unique Approach

Soul Shepherding Coaching is foundationally different from other Christian Coaching programs. Drs. Bill and Kristi Gaultiere train Sr. Coaches with a focus on spiritual and psychological development and relational health. 

Our coaches have a practical approach to the fundamentals of Christian coaching that offers every coaching client a memorable, relevant, and Jesus-centered exploration of their goals and mission. 


In the Soul Shepherding Coaching Program, you are paired with your own personal coach and the program is tailored to you and your specific needs and goals. You and your coach will…


Begin With an In-Depth Assessment

Your coach will help you discover where you are, your unique calling and gifts, and where God is leading you.


Create a Customized Plan

With your coach, you’ll design a tailored plan for your growth and development.


Advance Through Practice and Accountability

You can achieve lasting transformation by implementing and adapting your plans with your coach’s expert guidance.

Leadership Coaching

With the right guidance and the help of our Sr. Leadership Coaches who are focused on your unique gifts and challenges, you can grow and develop your skills as a leader and overcome stagnancy in your journey both in leadership and as a child of God. You can learn more about our leadership coaching here.

Christian Life Coaching

Navigating your journey with Jesus becomes a joy when you have a Sr. Coach as a companion to help guide you on your path. Our coaches are specially trained in understanding the stages of emotional and spiritual development and the tools and practices that can help you experience Jesus’ love and presence more deeply.

Sabbatical Coaching

We offer sabbatical coaching for pastors and leaders. We have a team of specialized coaches to assist in planning and executing a Sabbatical that results in real rest, renewal, and realignment with God’s call on your life. Our clients are revitalized by the Spirit of Jesus to re-enter their leadership role with fresh joy, purpose, and power.

Our Coaches

Ready to thrive in Jesus’ easy yoke? You can connect with one of our Sr. Coaches today.

Our Soul Shepherding Sr. Coaches live and work from the following core competencies:

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We’ll walk you through the details of the program and answer any coaching questions you have.

Todd Rodarmel

Nashville, TN
Sr. Spiritual Director, Sr. Coach, Leadership Coach, Enneagram Coach

Enneagram CoachingBurnoutDark Night of the SoulHealthy RelationshipsLeading RetreatsSabbaticalStages of Faith

Robyn Jungeblut

Katy, TX
Sr. Spiritual Director, Sr. Coach, Sabbatical Coach, Enneagram Coach

Enneagram CoachingAdoptionParentingDeveloping LeadersHealthy RelationshipsHearing GodIdentity in ChristJesus Easy YokeLeadershipLectio DivinaMarriageMinistry SpousePastorsSabbath RestSabbatical

Dave Larson

Central Valley, CA
Sr. Spiritual Director, Sabbatical Coach, Sr. Coach, Lead Pastor

BurnoutCoachingLeadershipPastorsSabbaticalSabbatical CoachSermon PreparationSpiritual Direction

Jodine Zeitler

Olympia, WA
Sr. Spiritual Director, Sr. Coach, Enneagram Coach

AddictionsParents of LGBTQ+Enneagram CoachingBurnoutHearing GodIdentity in ChristMarriageSoul CareStages of Faith

Brianna Wood

Franklin, TN
Sr. Spiritual Director, Life Coach, Leadership Coach

Damaged emotionsBurnoutChurch ConflictHearing GodIdentity in ChristMinistry SpouseStages of FaithTraumaWomen’s issues

Jim Long

Kennesaw, GA
Sr. Coach, Sr. Spiritual Director, Enneagram Coach, Church leader

Faith deconstructionAnger managementCo-dependencyEnneagram CoachingFather woundsSetting boundariesType A LeadersAddiction RecoveryBurnoutChurch ConflictCoachingDiscipleshipEmpathy TrainingHealing of MemoriesHealing PrayerLeading RetreatsLectio DivinaPastorsSoul CareSpiritual AbuseSpiritual DirectionStages of FaithTrauma

JD Senkbile

Brea, CA
Sr. Spiritual Director, Sr. Coach, Enneagram Coach, Pastor

Enneagram CoachingIdentity in ChristLeadershipLeading RetreatsMarriageMissionariesPastorsSoul CareSpiritual Disciplines

sharon howell welsch

Sharon Howell Welsch

Mars Hill, NC
Sr. Spiritual Director, Sr. Coach, Enneagram Coach, Pastor

Enneagram CoachingArt and SpiritualityBlended FamiliesDark Night of the SoulDivorce RecoverySoul CareSpiritual Direction

Rob Jacobs

Orange County, CA
Sr. Spiritual Director, Sr. Coach, Enneagram Coach, Pastor

Enneagram CoachingDeveloping LeadersImmanuel JournalingLeadership CoachingPastorsSoul CareSpiritual Direction

Pamela Nelson

Kalispell, MT
Sr. Spiritual Director, Sr. Coach, Sabbatical Coach, Enneagram Coach, Pastor

Enneagram CoachingWomen in LeadershipJourney of the SoulBurnoutLeadershipMissionariesPastorsSabbaticalSmall Group LeadershipSoul CareSpiritual Direction

Terry Fouche

Altadena, CA
Pastor, Sr. Spiritual Director, Life Coach, Soul Friend

Father woundsAnxietyBurnoutDiscipleshipForgivenessIdentity in ChristMissionariesPastorsSoul CareSpiritual DirectionStages of Faith

Molly Sparling

Fayette, ME
Sr. Spiritual Director, Sr. Coach, Enneagram Coach, Soul Friend

Enneagram CoachingTime ManagementType A LeadersAnxietyChurch ConflictDark Night of the SoulSoul CareStages of Faith

Nicole Unser

North Central WA
Sr. Spiritual Director, Sr. Coach, Enneagram Coach

Enneagram CoachingGriefAdoptionArt and SpiritualityBlended FamiliesChurch ConflictSpiritual Abuse

Coaching FAQ

Designed to enhance each client’s leadership experience, coaching charts the journey between where a client is and where God is calling them to be. 

Soul Shepherding Senior Coaches support each client through a process of empathy, inquiry, dialogue, feedback, and prayer. In this model, the client can examine and develop their skills, experiment with new ways of being and doing, and commit to action.

Leadership coaching focuses on just that – coaching you as a Christian leader to lead with Jesus in his easy yoke. 

Pastors and ministry leaders face specific challenges in their calling- training and discipling staff, shepherding the flock, relational dynamics, and many other organizational issues. 

Coaching allows you to develop your personal and organizational vision while examining specific goals to reach these objectives. It focuses on discerning God’s will for you and how that shapes your desires and goals for your life, work, and relationships.

Spiritual Direction focuses more generally on your own spiritual journey with Jesus. In other words, spiritual directors are less directive (contrary to their title as “directors”) than coaches — they help you talk through your life events and emotions in order to be directed by the Spirit of Jesus.

Unlike most leadership coaches, Soul Shepherding coaches offer coaching from a spiritual direction perspective- the work often crosses over between the two disciplines.

With Soul Shepherding’s coaching program, clients receive a safe and structured environment in which to apply a Biblical understanding of effective spiritual leadership. 

We firmly believe that we are called to leadership with the Lord, but a Christ-rooted foundation is so often overlooked in leadership coaching programs. In our coaching, we support you as you experience transformational change, along with critical feedback and support as a Christ-centered leader. 

We hear from so many pastors and ministry leaders who lack support and wish to have a safe space to process both personal and organizational matters. So many feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed, off-track:

  • 75% of pastors report being “extremely stressed” or “highly stressed” (1)
  • 90% work between 55 to 75 hours per week (2)
  • 90% feel fatigued and worn out every week (1)
  • 100% of 1,050 Reformed and Evangelical pastors had a colleague who had left the ministry because of burnout, church conflict, or moral failure (2)
  • 91% have experienced burnout in ministry
  • 18% say they are “fried to a crisp right now” (7)
  • 70% constantly fight depression (2)
  • 50% feel so discouraged that they would leave their ministry if they could, but can’t find another job (2)
  • 80% believe their pastoral ministry has negatively affected their families
  • 33% said it was an outright hazard (1)

From Pastor Stress Statistics

You shouldn’t be alone, struggling to find your way or suffering through burn-out. Our coaching program provides companionship and support for your  journey with Christ.

Our program provides individually tailored coaching to support your journey. Coaches walk with leaders to provide empathy, perspective, and feedback, along with resources and support, for emotionally healthy leadership.

With coaching, pastors and ministry leaders can find support with team building, communication, pastoral care, performance, and change. 

We help you:


  • Clarify and live from your purpose
  • Develop a rhythm and boundaries aligned with your priorities
  • Lead your team and congregation with clarity
  • Focus on your spiritual, emotional, and physical health


  • Develop a clear vision for your ministry and organization
  • Manage teams and relationships
  • Understand and respond to growth
  • Create strategies for financial and organizational sustainability

In addition to individual coaching, we also offer 360 assessments, team coaching opportunities, and strategic planning support.

Your first coaching session begins with a discussion of your coaching goals, applicable assessments, and an introduction to coaching tools. 

Following this process, a typical coaching conversation gives you the opportunity to set an agenda, create session outcomes and partner with the coach and Holy Spirit to move in and through your experience. 

Each session ends with a reflection on learning, clarification of what action might be appropriate, and how you plan to move forward in your desired area.

Coaching conversations vary based on each client’s individual needs and goals but often include leadership skills, motivation and goals, communication, relationships, emotional intelligence, and spiritual journeying. 

We offer coaching sessions via Zoom. We can offer alternative platforms as it meets the needs of our clients. You will receive meeting details upon booking.

We know that transformation happens with prayer, consistent conversation, and action so we recommend you meet weekly with your coach over the course of several months. Our Leadership Coaching is offered with trained and experienced coaches at $150 per 45 minute session.

Soul Shepherding