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Terry Fouche

Sr. Coach, Sr. Spiritual Director

Altadena, CA

Terry serves as a Senior Spiritual Director, coach, and soul friend in the Soul Shepherding network. He is currently the pastor of a Jesus community in Altadena, California. He also serves on the leadership team of an international church planting network and leads their annual church planting training. Terry is, however, first and foremost a pastor, and is concerned for the health of the church and those in ministry.

Terry has a diploma in theology from South Africa, and certificates in spiritual direction and coaching from Soul Shepherding. He has been a pastor, international church planter, and leadership developer for 37 years. Before that, he was a systems analyst for a large multinational corporation.

Terry connected to Soul Shepherding by meeting Bill Gaultiere through the teachings of Dallas Willard. He then asked Bill to teach on the church planters cohort that he leads, which then led to him enrolling in Soul Shepherding’s training programs.

Terry has been married for 39 years and has two adult daughters. He is an avid photographer, and in the past participated in ultra marathons and triathlons. In the distant past, he was also a scuba diver and dedicated skydiver, having completed 850 jumps.

You can contact Terry at terryfouche@gmail.com.


Work Experience

  • Pastor
  • Sr. Spiritual Director
  • Sr. Coach
  • Sabbatical Coach

Soul Shepherding